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Do you coach or have a student athlete? I’m offering discounted presenter fees on:

“Sports Nutrition for Competitive Youth Athletes”

I have my own set up so you just need a room with a wall and a power outlet. Up to 40 people allowed per talk (the going rate for presentations like this are $15-20 per person!).

Includes a 45min fun and engaging presentation, 15min Q&A with students and their parents AND some great giveaways / door prizes.

Limited availability, BOOK NOW! 509-380-6669 or

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Individualized Nutrition Counseling Intake

Allergies? Digestive distress? Fatigue or malaise? Weight loss resistance? If you would like to discover the core imbalance that is contributing to your health concerns and how a targeted and individualized nutritional plan for health and healing can help, then you’re in the right place!  During this 2 hour appointment I take your detailed health history, go over any recent laboratory data that you may have, discuss your medications/supplements and other lifestyle factors, and compile that information to identify the core imbalance that is keeping you from achieving your goals. After analyzing your three day diet journal and completing the interview process, together we decide how your health concerns might best be addressed via nutritional counseling.

After this detailed intake interview, together we will discover the best course of action for increasing your resilience and reducing stressors so that your body can heal itself.  As we un-wrap the mystery that is you and discuss my findings you can decide what course of action, package or protocol fits best in your budget, goals and schedule.

Monthly Nutritional Counseling Subscription

After the intake interview many people find that they just aren’t sure how long it will take to achieve their goals.  While we can estimate a number of sessions the most cost effective and interactive option is to sign up for monthly access to Nielsen Integrative Nutrition.  This package is billed monthly and includes 2 follow up visits per month with total access to Healthie and weekly text / email support.  Having the ability to engage frequently with a Nutritionist, unlimited access to protocols, shopping and recipe lists on the app, and discounts on nutritional tests and supplements (10%) plus the advantage of being able to have any new medications and laboratory data updated / reviewed means this is the most economical and productive option for changing your health trajectory.

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A La Carte Follow-Up

After an initial consult if you can’t commit to a package or monthly plan you can schedule a single appointment to follow up on your goals and keep your forward momentum.

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Family Mini-Makeover

This a “just the basics” 4 week group session for your entire family to kick start nutrition and lifestyle changes to increase your health and wellness.  It includes a 2 hour intake interview to discuss the health concerns of each individual and the family as a whole.  Once we’ve found the core imbalance that is holding your family back we will, together, formulate a course of action.  The next three sessions will focus on your family’s BIG THREE.  These three nutritionally relevant topics will be specially designed to help your family get the biggest reward from the smallest, most feasible and sustainable, actions. (Up to 6 people).

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Family Counseling Intensive

Do you or someone in your family struggle from persistent allergies, digestive distress, a family history of mental illness, diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalance or autoimmune disease?  The Family Intensive is specifically designed to help families break a cycle of illness.  By working together, your whole family can adopt a new lifestyle in a fun and fresh way.  Because of my own experience with poor health and realizing that my kids and spouse are not bystanders in the journey but active participants, this protocol is incredibility personal to me.  I will be with you every step of the way as you help your family break a cycle of poor health or as you strive to protect your family from future complications from poor diet / lifestyle habits.
In-depth intake interview for each family member with MSQ screening ($125 per person value)
5 follow up visits
Weekly email/text support ($10 weekly value)
Ongoing laboratory data/medication interpretation and analysis ($20 value)
25% discount on supplements
10 days of meal planning and access to protocols (as needed: a $400 value)
10% discount on any nutritional tests
25% discount on “A La Carte” services: (eg pantry makeover, private grocery store tour)

Up to 6 people, 3 month minimum (additional months available upon request)

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