My Story

Having suffered for years with debilitating pain and fatigue while under the weight of dozens of prescription medications I found my health and healing through nutrition, nutrigenomics, gut rebuilding and making small changes in my lifestyle.  This life altering experience has spurred me to want to become a conduit of education and counseling for others who need help on their wellness journey.    I have always gravitated towards “helping” professions but found myself ill-suited for nursing or elementary school teaching as I’m a pretty big wimp about blood and guts and am not a fan of boogers or whininess.  I settled on a degree in Sociology followed with minors in Spanish and Bilingual Studies to pursue my second love, language.  Days before graduation from university in 2006 my first son was born and I have been privileged to mostly be a stay at home mom to my four children for the last 11 years.

With a supportive spouse and strong social network of friends and family I embarked on the journey of combining my passions of nutrition and counseling to get my Master’s of Science degree in 2015.  I am thrilled to be launching (or more like catapulting) in to my career as a Certified Nutritionist both in a physical and virtual practice.

If you’re checking out this page you’ve caught on to the notion that maybe, just maybe you could feel better if you address your nutrition and lifestyle.  (Spoiler alert: you’re on the right track!)  Unfortunately, there is just SO MUCH information out there.  My goal is to help clients reach their goals by using an individualized and targeted approach based on their unique body, health concerns and life situation.  I want to help you to increase your reliance so you can enjoy your life and reach your goals by providing a path that is as noninvasive as possible.  If you’ve tried every diet or protocol on the planet and still feel crummy, I’m truly sorry.  I have literally been there.  I spent thousands of dollars on supplements, doctors and tests before I figured out the correct path in my health journey.  Keep up the hope,

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